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   As an IT integrator we see ourselves as watchdogs for our clients. You see, we do not sell or develop the large software applications that you use; we help you evaluate and decide what to use. We then maintain the servers, workstations and health of the IT environment on which those applications run. With technology moving to the forefront of your business, the last thing an office needs is an unhealthy IT environment. That is why we make sure the technology decisions you make are right for you. From ERP to billing and even e-mail, we make sure your network and workstations are operating at peak efficiency, which keeps your staff working at peak efficiency, too.

   In this information age, there are many things to consider. Is your network secure? Is your business mobile? Do you have remote support or a disaster recovery plan? Do you get what you expect from your IT investment? Partners4IT can answer all these questions and more. 

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We can tailor the following solutions for your business: wireless networks, servers, desktops, storage solutions, data backup, disaster recovery, e-mail, network security, camera security and more. We design, install and maintain all types of data solutions for your business.

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